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Does sex reinforce and strengthen your relationship and love?

Does sex reinforce and strengthen your relationship and love?

Good Night Sir,

I’m 36 years male. I’m hitched for final 14 years. A son is had by me(12 years) and a daughter (6 years). When actually fine and mentally normal, I like choosing intercourse, also everyday. often it will not take place for a also week. My issue is that since final 2-3 years, after sex, personally i think my organ burning. We familiar with head to lavatory, pour a complete lot of chilled water over it constantly for 20-30 mins. Take in water that is little. I have relief after half an full hour or more.

I would really like to understand, if it because of age, or because of drinking less water or it an intimate problem? I’ve maybe not consulted anybody till date about this subject. Additionally, please recommend me exactly what shall i actually do whenever it occurs?

You be seemingly suffering from a infection that is genito-urinary. It is possible that your particular partner may be too. Visit your household doctor first.

I will be 45 years old, aren’t getting ejaculation in sex making use of condom, without condom there is absolutely no issue. Please advise.

Are you currently making use of a condom to avoid disease prophylaxis or even for contraception ? If for security against illness, it is far better not to ever ejaculate rather than risk intercourse without a condom. Or your partner (if a female) may use a female condom. If you use a condom for contraception, you can easily replace your way of contraception.

I will be putting up with fever till 2 months. (more…)

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