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Dating Apps Are Really A Minefield for Non-Binary Individuals

Dating Apps Are Really A Minefield for Non-Binary Individuals

Dating apps are strange for all. Needless to say they have been: you need to distill your whole character as a 500-word character field and three selfies. For non-binary people, however, dating apps – which can be created across the gender binary – may be complicated, and sometimes also downright exhausting.

Some apps have attempted to make their platforms easier for non-binary people in recent years. Tinder began trying out enabling users to pick from almost 40 gender options back 2016 (ranging from transfeminine to agender and pangender) before fully rolling the feature out internationally as of July 2020 november. Hinge and Bumble, too, have actually introduced gender that is multiple over the past couple of years.

Such updates have not for ages been plain-sailing if you aren’t cis. In 2019, Pink News stated that trans users were over and over being banned from Tinder after upgrading their sex to “trans”. This appeared as if because possible matches had been reporting them for no explanation, and trans that are many at the time stated to get zero reaction from Tinder if they attemptedto rectify the problem.

Non-Binary Individuals Tell Us Why They Want Legal Recognition

Tinder’s response to Pink Information ended up being fairly non-committal. “We recognise the transgender community faces challenges on Tinder, including being unfairly reported by potential matches more frequently than our cisgender members,” a representative stated in a declaration. (more…)

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