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I want to inform about Created and reported documents

I want to inform about Created and reported documents

(Note: many customers won’t have this part inside their reports)

You will receive a section called Registry Statistics if you have an institutional client that was used to create records on behalf of researchers via the API. Including information regarding the amount of documents you created and exactly how numerous have already been advertised (the raw_data file contains extra information in regards to the particular documents utilized to come up with these figures).


This element of the report contains a total count for the amount of scientists whom used your integration for connecting their ORCID iD to one’s body on the thirty days of reporting. In addition, it provides the sum total quantity of those scientists whom subscribed to an innovative new ORCID iD as an element of the iD connection procedure.

The graph labelled integration that is total shows the amount of scientists whom utilized your integration during the last thirty days, by time


The report also includes activities information, those things that the researcher finished whenever linking their ORCID record together with your system into the thirty days of reporting. Each occasion represents any access an individual awarded or action they did regarding the ORCID site (such as for example signing in or offering read-limited access). (more…)

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